The year 2015 has created a great buzz among the fashion devotees. Let’s be honest suits are probably the only sartorial essentials that can never go wrong, but most of the people don’t know what to look for and where to find it. Here is a brief guide on how to up your suit game.


David Beckham is sporting a great look by Ralph Lauren here, and yes he looks great. Now before you take this picture to your local tailor, we assure you, you won’t end up looking like him unless you get these minor (major) sartorial details absolutely right, well if somehow your tailor does manage to get it right just by looking at the printed picture, tell him to get in contact with us. No one can ever look bad in a suit as long as it fits you nicely. Balance is the key here, your suit shouldn’t be too loose, trust us it will never look good and that trip to your dad’s closet will not be worth it, neither should it be too tight that it gives you ball sack syndromes.



Lets start from the beginning, the lapels, these are the key to your suit, personally the first thing we notice in a suit are the lapels. We prefer wider lapels, somewhere between 3-4 inches work best, wider lapels show ample fabric and make your suit look like its made just for you, a true bespoke suit. But if you’re a skinny guy you gotta narrow the lapels down a bit and maybe opt for notch lapels.


20140306531837f15349dYour jacket shouldn’t be too long as it’ll make you look shorter neither should it be too short that you’ve got some major cheek cleavage. It should end just where the base of your thumb meets your hand, maybe a half inch more if you’re taller (more than 5’10), the shortest you can go on your suit is midway between your flies.





You can never get a good fit unless your tailor gets your shoulder pads right, your shoulder pads end with your shoulders. If you’re buying off the rack the first two things you look for are the shoulder length and jacket length. Your jacket sleeves should fall just above your shirt’s cuffs. quarter of an inch will work good enough for you. If you have a personal tailor go for working cuffs as they help distinct a bespoke suit from a made to measure suit.



Mens Fashion Week - Street Style - Milan

People often ignore their pants, these help make your suit look sleeker. We prefer a low rise but always keep some room for your hip, and obviously your schlong too. Go shorter, we prefer no break to half break, anything more than that will make your pants clump at the knees, and where it meets your shoe. To cuff or not to cuff? Well it does give weight to your pants and gives them a better fall, but that too depends on your fabric, couple them with a half to one inch pleats and you’ll be good to go. Plus go sockless, show some skin especially if you’ve got a crazy pair of loafers.

And yeah , please invest in a decent fabric. Opt for checks, windowpane or pinstripes. Anything between super 150’s to super 180’s thread count will work best.



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