7 Best Dressed Men from the Lux Style Awards 2015

  Hasnain Lehri: Wearing a sherwani to a red carpet? Yes that is how you nail it, great move and he carries it perfectly. 

  Mr.Jimmy Khan: This guy always shows that he has his own unique sense of style and he always carries it, and we’re all in for that.     

  Umair Jaswal: He has a pretty strong muscle game so a nicely fit tuxedo would never look bad on him. He wears it with a cummerbund and that makes the look even sleeker.

    Shammal Qureshi: The details on his jacket are amazing, he pulls off an urban look perfect for a red carpet.

 Fawad Khan: Like always he never fails to impress, his long association with Republic has done him wonders. You can’t pull off that look without wonderful tailoring. Shawl lapels, the perfect shade of red and the lapel pin, spot on, and dapper.

  Shehryar Munawar: Shehryar wears a gray double-breasted. The contrast buttons and the pocket square create a simple and elegant look.  

  Omar Farooq: I mean he owns the leading menswear designer brand in Pakistan, you expect that from him. The shoes, the suit, the details everything is spot on. If you still are unsure of how your pants should fit you, you should print this picture and put it up on your refrigerator.


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