9 Shoes Every Man Needs

Black Oxfords


These are the essential shoes for every man. It should be the first shoes you really invest in. Don’t go cheap with these. If you pick up a pair of good black oxford with a cap toe, they should last you a lifetime. You can wear these with just about anything (Other than a brown suit). These are especially handy if you don’t want to drag too much attention to your feet. Their sleekness makes them sit at the top of formality when it comes to shoes.



If you want to play around with your shoes, do it with brogues. If you need them for a more formal affair look into a pair of brown wingtips. If you just want to slip them on with your favorite pair of jeans, look into getting something in suede. However, you have to be careful not to pick up a pair that’s too pointy. Generally speaking none of your shoes should be pointed.

Monk Strap


The bold buckle of this style of shoe makes it sit between the formality of an Oxford and brogue. The two most styles are a single strap and a double strap, the latter winning our affections 2 out of 3 times. The style we have nowadays has come a long way. Orignially coming to life centuries ago when monks were looking for alternative to sandals. These shoes are favoured by style aficionados looking for something to set them apart from the crowd of Oxfords and Brogues. They have been popularised in recent years by the likes of Pitti Uomo regular Mr Lino Ieluzzi. We would recommend wearing Brown Monks with either your best Gray suit or, for a more casual look, with your best pair of dark blue jeans.

Whole Cut


Now if you want to drop some serious cash on a pair of shoes that will elevate your shoe game, the whole cut is the only way to go. The epitome of craftsmanship, the whole cut only has a single line of stitching on the back of the heel. These shoes are, however, are only reserved to be worn with your best suit.



If you’re looking for something you can put on when you’re on the go and it maintains the formality of the look, loafers are the best option. They are probably the best shoes to travel with because you can slip them on and off when going through airport security. The two types of loafers you should be looking at are the Penny Loafers and Tassel Loafers. Note: no detail on the upper, and the presence of a heel, differentiates the loafer from its cousin, the moccasin.



Now if you’re looking for a pair of casual shoes that you can slip on and off with ease, the Espadrilles are the way to go. With a sole made of rope from grasses and plants and uppers in a variety of materials, they are lightweight and sturdy. The shoes, airy and casual.

Popularized by cultural icons such as Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, and Ernest Hemingway and just about every other man living on the French Riviera. The laidback sensibility helped these shoes find their way to the world as a European take on the summer shoe – an equally inexpensive, and attractive alternative to a canvas sneaker or sandal.



Ankle high, constructed from two bits of leather and with two or three high-lacing eyelets, the chukka is related to the jodhpur boot in polo. The chukka is a more casual shoe traditionally made from calfskin leather, but with a bit the right combination you can, a suit could also be an option to accompany these shoes. We prefer ours in brown or tan, and we’d advise not combining a crepe-soled chukka with a suit.

White Sneaker

white sn

When you know your day has a lot of walking involved, it’s best to slip on a pair of shoes that are comfortable. A pair of white sneakers can not only be comfortable but they won’t pull your shoe game down. You can choose from a large variety of shoes such as, converse low tops or, if you’re willing to splurge a little more, you can buy a pair from Ralph Lauren. Easy to wear with a causal outfit and if you’re willing to be a bit adventurous, you could wear it with a suit. However, we will caution you to make sure that suit and shoes work together. Give yourself a look in the mirror first, if something seems off abandon it. For inspiration check out Frank Gallucci

Eastern Chappals

paul smith

Let’s face it, we’re Pakistani and should take pride in our culture too. Paul Smith recently came out with a pair of Peshwari Chappals. Comes to show that our ancestors had some style too. A pair of good Peshwari Chappals, Khusas and Kohla Puris won’t hurt your pocket and are perfectly fine to wear with jeans. We highly you get a pair of all three.


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