Six Ways To Wear The Chino

Living in a city like Lahore, one has to be prepared for the summer. Most days it’s too hot to make an effort but you cannot cancel all your commitments for the summer, can you? Personally, I find jeans unbearable on most summer days. Luckily, this is where the chino comes in. The lightweight alternative to jeans. Along with being more forgiving in the summer, they have a sleekness granted by not having no fade lines and inconspicuous pockets. This helps add a touch of smartness that jeans don’t offer, and that’s great when you have to dress up just a bit more than usual.

Without further adieu, here are some great ways to up your game in a way that won’t make it look like you’re putting in too much effort.

With a Blazer


The addition of a blazer adds to the formality of the outfit, making it perfect for casual Fridays at the office or even when you’re out with friends. The trick here is to pick a light jacket. I would suggest looking into linen and more tropical fabrics. Wear it with a casual shirt and no tie for the best laid back look that really doesn’t take too much effort.

With a denim shirt


This combination has an interesting play with textures. The smooth chino and rough texture of the denim balance out each other well and make a very pleasing contrast. It’s the perfect excuse to justify buying that denim shirt you’ve been eyeing.

Get Colorful


The great thing about chinos is you can find them in almost every color imaginable. Don’t be afraid to play around. Try a pair of burgundy or pastel blue chinos to really put yourself ahead of the rest. Of course, those aren’t the only two acceptable colors. Don’t be afraid to experiment here and remember, it is generally easier to make your outfit if your pants are darker than your shirt.

Try some pleats


Pleats are great way to add weight if you are a skinny guy. The trick here is to have them slightly baggy around the top and tapered as they go down your leg, almost like breeches. Another tip is to not crease them. This will add to casualness of the outfit.

Go for a more relaxed cut


If you aren’t a very skinny guy and you hate the stiffness of slim jeans, try going for chinos in a relaxed cut. This will give you the extra leg room you so desire and it’ll look great with a soft shouldered jacket.

Chinos and a T-Shirt


It’s a classic outfit that cannot go wrong, provided everything fits you properly. It is completely casual and lets you enjoy those hot summer days without breaking a sweat.


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